How to save server cost.


Hosting server is a fix amount of monthly cost. If you take a look into detailed operation cost, you may be surprised about the annual web hosting expense. It is especially true with those who run in-house server or use cloud servers. Apart from subscription fee, you also need to pay for management, upgrade or unexpected cost. It would take many steps with diligent consideration to come up with website hosting choice. Subsequently, you can save a sum of money for each single right decision. Vice versa, inappropriate ones can cost you another sum. Good understanding about how to make right web hosting decision and being apprised of useful tricks to save server cost, you can get more with less cost. The blog post will share with you how to have the most suitable web hosting plan with the most affordable price.

Comprehensive understanding about your need

Let’s get started with comprehensive understanding about your need. In details, you should exactly define how much bandwidth do you need basing on the expected traffic amount to your website. A larger bandwidth can transfer data much faster than the lower one. But it doesn’t mean that you had better choose the as much large bandwidth as possible. Be realistic and keep two eyes on estimated website growth. Accumulated annual cost will be dramatically high even though monthly savings is little. Think about downgrade if it is really necessary.


Seeking for coupon code

There are many companies providing coupon codes for SAAS services through affiliates channels or seasonal promotion campaigns. Before choosing one providers, you can make a price comparison and searching for their discount program elsewhere in the Internet. Who knows? Fortunately, you can gain a bargain on the best web hosting.


Outsource management task

If your web host doesn’t require daily maintenance, full-time website administrator is not mandatory. Instead of paying for permanent IT staff, you can consider an outsource agency for maintenance and urgent jobs. They are professional in web host discipline, which can help you solve any issues at ease. Agency also knows how to optimize cost and provide you with the best services. It means that you just need to pay when you are in demand.

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Visualize database


Database visualization is an essential step to save disk space and ultimately server cost. There exists various database visualization tools to give you a hand in optimization jobs, such as Data Driven Documents, Fusion Chat or Google Chat. Data Visualization is a vast space with lots of players. Just some simple tasks can help you put aside a large amount of money.


There are few ways to cut down on server cost. Above are basic tips which can certainly help you reduce a specific amount. Subscribe our newsletter to receive further sharing and useful tips.