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In the digital era, online business becomes a dramatically competitive battle. When customers have a comprehensive range of choices, it is more highly likely for company to lost potential customers. Flat world makes information crystal clear, comparison becomes a piece of cake, new providers are just one mouse click away to find. It takes several steps for customers to make a purchasing decision. Only by reducing drop leaking rate of each stage, you can improve conversion rate and consequently revenue.


For online business territory, e-commerce is the most important platform, where customers experience almost all steps to carry out a transaction. That is the reason why it conceal lots of potential threats underneath opportunities. Good performance is a multiple-effect platform, vice versa poor website will ultimately lead to unyielding result. Being aware of popular hindrances for online business growth, you may save millions dollar and win many valuable chances. Hereafter are most popular factors which can result in customer drop-off of  your website.

  • Create a checklist to review all following key elements.

  • Optimize if it is your essential factors. Fix the necessary.

  • Define key performance indicators and set up measurement framework to track optimization process.


1. Page loading speed

Bounce rate is one of the main crucial killer factors of website. It certainly takes great effort to drive sessions to website, however, maintaining and nurturing the session is much more difficult. The speed pace of life make people not be willing to wait. Just some waiting second can bring about website leaving. Inspect the following causes of long loading speed:

web loading speed web host


  • Do you use suitable web hosting service? Hosting is the solid platform for website performance. The compatibility between your website traffic volume and proper hosting server ensures fast loading speed. If you want to know more about how to choose the right web host, we mentioned in this blog post.

  • Have you utilize cache function?

  • Image optimization to reduce site loading workload

  • CSS and script aggregation

  • Code density optimization


2. Poor security sign

Trustworthiness is mainly related to feeling. At the first sight visiting your site, audience will base on your website design and content to form the feeling. You only have some first second to affect the cognitive brain part and build prestige with customers. Monetary transaction and private information are required in e-commerce website, which make customers reserved and want secure feeling. Human image, certificates from trustful organization, or SSL Certificates are usually considered as fundamental manifestations. You can do more to improve website prestige but the mentioned points are essentials and should be kept in mind.


3. Unfriendly user-experience

It is not only related to loading speed, but also user experience and interface. If you cause confusion for customers, they will certainly leave for sure without a second of thoughts. Basing on deep understanding about customer behavior, UX designer can design or frame the expected journey of website visitors. The easier they can wander around your website upon their demand, the higher possibility they may purchase.


4. Not SEO-Friendly

SEO Friendly web host 


Today people search whatever they want to know, want to have and to buy. SEO becomes a strategy for online business to acquire new customers at low cost. Optimization for search engine can be achieved from many strategy and tactics. In comparison with many execution jobs, which you will do in marketing stage, Web host can make a greater contribution by setting up a good base for the later execution stage. Web host is usually customized for each type of CMS platform, therefore, you can improve SEO function by website hosting choice as well.


5. Unoptimized mobile design

In the digital age, mobile becomes the devices for them to stay connected. People keep updating, entertaining and also shopping via mobile. If your website is not optimized for mobile so that content will be displayed properly and loading speed is fast, you cannot deliver what you want to say and offer to your potential audiences. Mobile optimization is extremely important in this era.


Above are 5 basic advices which can help you stay away from potential threats for your online business. A good website is not just about aesthetics but also its performance. Remember to ensure both pillars.