Outstanding advantages of hosting management service


For server setting up and management, you always need to have an IT expert or web administrators in specific who take care the server for you. It is specially essential for virtual private server or dedicated server. He will establish website system specifications, take charge of installation, configuration, testing of server hardware, software, and monitor server usage as well as performance.

All tasks related to backups, troubleshoots and arouse issues will be solved by the website administrators. It means that your headcount expense must include monthly salary for this position. For some websites, there has not been frequent or daily tasks involving website administrators. Therefore, some businesses may want to cut down fix cost of this position. They prefer a freelancer or seasonal staff rather than permanent one. Unfortunately, website administration job requires tough control and good understanding about company server to properly manage and solve issues. He should commit a long-term cooperation, which seems infeasible with freelancers.

All the stated troubles give rise to the birth of hosting management services, which is designed to be suitable with SME businesses.

The service brings you many outstanding advantages.



1. Worry-free with website uptime and security

Almost web hosting providers just commit up to 99.99% uptime because no one can be certain with what can happen with your website when the number of hackers is substantially increasing with technology revolution. Just in case disasters occur, fast response to make your website online will be executed to ensure the shortest downtime. They are all expertise with experience and comprehensive knowledge about IT and web hosting so they can come up with efficient solutions at fast speed.

Assured mind can help you focus more on your business growth. Even though you have an IT team within the company, web hosting management outsource service still help them to concentrated on more business-IT related jobs. All issues related to security audits, spam filtering, backup, monitoring or OS updates will be solved by highly skilled technical specialists.


2. Customized solutions on your need

Each business encounters a different issues and have different sets of requirement. It also changes with time and bases on business movement. Web Management service goes beyond one-size-fits-all solution but offer tailor-made service for your specific request. Sometimes, it requires high proficiency in IT field to solve those challenges and a specialization agency has skillful team to deal with it.


3. Cut cost and save time

As the reasons I mentioned at the beginning, one of the main reason for outsource web host management emergence is to solve the demand of SME companies. Those agencies help them to install, configure and keep monitoring server at a far cheaper cost than stable staff at the company. Instead of spending time maintaining infrastructure and spending money for additional hardware, software or equipment, web host management agency will take care of of that. Your business is focusing on your business. More investment for further growth can taken from web management savings.

There is no doubt that experts will do their job better than you. It’s not easy or convenient to do a best job of everything at one time. Let specialists help you so that you can focus on your business expansion and acceleration. VPSTrust has the team, who is equipped with comprehensive hosting knowledge and experience. They are fully resilient and skillful with all issues related to website management. You will find that it is really essential to help them just after 1 month. Contact us if you have any concerns or questions. Find more information about VPSTrust Web Service here.