3 things you may not know about VPSTrust web & hosting service

At the beginning of 2018, we were pleased to introduce our new service related to website & hosting management. Basing on the requests of many customers about private support from our technical expert team, VPSTrust has officially launched web & hosting service for all customers to actively register to any of available provided disciplines. After three months, we have received lots of positive feedback from valued clients in various services, namely virtual private server management, website building, hosting & domain setup, etc.


With customer-centric philosophy, we built a tracking framework for the service operation, which is constantly improved. Apart from fundamental benefits you may already know, today we would like to reveal more attractive things about VPSTrust web & hosting services, which our customers have shared so far.


24/7 fully service with lightning fast problem solving

All web & hosting management service packages are 24/7 available to solve any requested issue. By original thinking philosophy, we always dig to find the root cause of problem and solve it effectively so that there would be no side-effect or other trouble aroused.

Technical gurus will not only come up with effective solution but also deal with it at lightning speed. In the Internet environment, each second can cost you million dollars. Well-aware about that, we compromise on both efficiency and effectiveness.


Flexible service package usage

Flexible service usage is the unique offer which you cannot find else apart from VPSTrust. What does flexible service mean? As you may know, we offer 4 main disciplines:

  • Hosting & domain service: setting up & management

  • Website creation – Extension/Addon configuration

  • Website content management

  • Social media management

In spite of the difference among them, you can flexibly change your service if they have the same value. The special policy helps you save much money and time as well. Instead of finding another agency, you have your trusted and familiar one.


Multiple support & contact platform


For the convenience of customers, we are open for various of support platforms, ranging from support ticket, live chat to facebook messenger. We know the emergency of all issues you encounter, so we would like to provide the most suitable methods to thoroughly know about your problem and solve the root cause.