Beginner’s guide to set up web host and domain

Domain set up



After a series of blog posts to help you choose the best web hosting provider, which is suitable to your demand and finance capability, we would like to get you through the next step with web host & domain setting up. The article is for beginners who do not have proper knowledge about website administration. You can be a website developer, a marketer or business owner, it is exactly for you with step-by-step guideline to purchase to good domain name and assign it to your web host at ease.

Choosing a domain

The most popular domain is made up of two components: your specific name and a top level domain, such as .com, .org, .net, etc. You also may see other types which include second level of country domain, such as You can buy domain for one year then annually renew it or register for years if you have long-term business plan.

Domain set up


Firstly, you need to choose a domain name. It is usually same as your business name. Just in case the domain you want is not available, you can try the trick of additional prefix or suffix. For example, if your shoes store is named Teddy, but is not available. Let’s try other names like or

Besides, you can also consider more than one main domain. Purchasing other related domain name will be safer, it helps prevent competitor unfair strategy. There are many sites to buy domain, such as Name Cheap, GoDaddy or Gandi. There is no big discrepancy in prices between them, it ranges from $6 to $15 per year. You can read more about customer services to make decision.


Understanding about DNS – Domain Name System

DNS working

DNS works as the translation party that connects your IP address to domain names. Your website will be connected to worldwide system by the DNS server and hosting.


Set up domain

After registering to have your own domain, you will need to assign your DNS to your web host. Please remember that you have to get a web host available to make your website online. In case you do not know how to choose and purchase web host, this article will be really helpful: How to make right web hosting choice.

  • Log in to your domain name account and access DNS settings.

  • Input the changes to your new DNS settings. Changes may take around 24 hours to take effect.

  • Point your domain name to a specific directory on your web host.


Once domain & host is set up, you can upload files, set you email accounts, publish content and make your website live.



Above are simple steps which you can do by yourself to make your website online. Just in case you want to focus more on your business and require an outsource service to take care of all technical tasks, contact VPSTrust web & hosting services. We promise on best price and top-notch quality ever.