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Web hosting for blog

Blog or web log is one of the biggest 1900s inventions, which has made a considerable impact on the Internet in both entertainment and business field. Some people can use it for personal purposes, such as online diary, opinions or experience sharing. It is one of the most elementary forms of a website, where you build and share content with all people who have the Internet connection. After a period of revolution, blog has evolved and become more edgy. It is not just for simple text paragraph or photos but people are using it with multimedia content. Beside the noncommercial purposes, some people also use it for business and earn money. In this case, blog can still help you with no need of sophisticated website.   

No matter what the usage purpose, VPSTrust will share with you tips to choose the best website hosting which fits with your specific demand.

Blog versus Websites. The difference affects your choice on hosting.

We will not mention here the situation when you integrate both website and blog into one big website. The article lets you know the basic difference between blog and website so that you will have the right decision on hosting to save cost, simplify management process and ensure efficiency.

1. Website has more complex features and more solid framework for multiple functions and further expansion preparation. It has almost no limitation for website function and presence. It can be designed and coded to serve wide range of your demand. That is the reason why it may require medium or large server to ensure the smooth sailing on the website. But wait, it is not true for all cases. If your website will not generate a great amount of traffic, it is unnecessary to choose a big plan on website hosing.

2. Blog is simpler and updated more frequently. It is to share simple information, content and keep visitors updated about your business or your sharing. A blog always has some fundamental features such as article, social media integration, image slideshow, subscription form, contact form, etc. Blog features are not so forceful. It is the key point which leads to the fact that you may not need to buy too big hosting plan.

Advice on choosing web host for blogs

Low price. Good speed. High security. Fundamental features. Added value. Dedicated support.

They are the criteria you should define and take into consideration when choosing website hosting providers. Do you think that you can find the provider who can satisfy all those requirements? It is absolutely possible. Hereafter are some suggested brand name for your time saving.

Web hosting for blog

WordPress is one of two most popular CMS and also well-known for bloggers because of its simplicity and free host on Everything available on this site is so simple so you may need to customize if you need a more stunning appearance or add more function. To compensate for all those inconvenience, it is totally free.

If you want further customization, can be in your shortlist. It has all basic features like but allows you to install additional addons and theme for better appearance and powerful function.



Blog web host


VPSTrust offers a range of website hosting plan, from virtual private server to general web host, Joomla! Hosting and WordPress Hosting. WordPress hosting is suitable for the one who wants to build blog with really low price, SEO optimization and basic features. Besides, there is also a Free plan for those who just has basic demands. Fast speed and high secuirity is guaranteed.



HostGator is also a prestigious web blog post with low costs. They have various types of servers and diversified plans, which is suitable for both beginners and enterprises. Among those provisions, blogger can find a suitable one for them. User-friendliness is also one of the most well-known feature of HostGator.  



Siteground web host

It is one of the most reliable brand names in the hosting market for long history and the number of serving customers. SiteGround promises on uptime, customer service and high security. They are the basic features for all website hosting plans, not exclude blogs.

Apart from recommended brands, you can also refer to stated criteria in the first part to validate and choose your suitable ones.