Digital marketing trend to watch of 2018



With the fast pace of technology movement, digital marketing changes so swiftly and dramatically. Users are more technology-savvy and engage more on the Internet environment instead of physically one. It is the reason why digital marketing has become one of the most powerful tool of business to acquire, nurture, convert and also keep in touch with customers. However, owing those tools are not enough, you need to stay updated about digital behavior of customers and the latest trend to ensure the efficiency. The article will keep you in loop of 2018 trends in digital marketing environment.

(1) Mobile Creative First

We are in the on-the-go era. People are always moving but want to be connected. They use mobile phones to keep in touch with others, expand their network, update news, play games, enjoy music and search for almost all questions coming up in their mind. Therefore, all online platforms you create to communicate with customers need to be mobile friendly. It is not only about format, but also content.

Because when people are on the way, they do not have time and concentrate to consume long-format content. A short piece of snackable content can catch their attention. Be flexible on format you use to satisfy different objectives and expose to customers in different points of time.

As regards format, website, email and other platforms also need to have a version for mobile, compatible with the most popular system and screen resolution. For those who are not well know about how to build a website with user-friendly interface in both desktop and mobile, an expert crew of VPSTrust can support you. Find out more in our Web & mail service here.


(2) Chatbots

In this year, social media bots can be seen as one of the hottest trend, especially in social media. Even though it is not a new idea, with the AI innovation chat bots has been improved far better recently. People do not want to wait in this busy life, chat bots will provide them right away response. You can save time, effort, human resources and also enhance customer satisfaction. It is most common in customer service spectrum, which is estimated that 85% customer interaction will be managed by chatbots by 2020.


(3) Video marketing

The young is thirst for video content. They watch Youtube everydays to entertain, update news, learn something online and enjoy music. Visual content certainly has advantages of content delivery. It is more catching and intuitive. 2017 has seen a great development of video content in both creativity and technology. It is said that we will see much changes in 2018.


(4) Storytelling

Storytelling is not a new term or new trend but human psychology is always related to storytelling. Capitalizing on the demand, technology and social media platforms have integrated many new idea for users to generate story by themselves. Snapchat is the one who bring storytelling to social media. Now you can find it everywhere, namely Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook. YouTube has released a stories format of their own called “Reels” as well. In 2018, storytelling with technology innovation will become a staple of the social media world.


(5) Reviews

Brands have poor a great deal of money on ads in ad network or social media so far. Cost per performance indicators may be higher by the time. Some entrepreneurs start switching their strategy toward Search Engine Optimization to reduce cost and enhance brand trust as well. Google looks at your website or fanpage review as one of criteria for website ranking. Review is also good for word of mouth and brand health. Some ideas such as referral marketing or affiliate may be useful for you to have good reviews.


In new year, let’s come up with new strategy which is up-to-date with the world trend.