Free Root Monitor Apps

Free Monitor Apps Service

Free Monitor Apps is web frontend monitoring tool written in PHP, that can verify whether the your servers (IP, domains) or services are up and running and can send you notifications via mail services or SMS if a problem occurred on a monitored service or port. It checks websites by using HTTP status code, can displays history graphs of uptime and latency and can use two levels of authentication (administrator and regular user).


  • Monitor services and websites.
  • Unlimited number of services, Websites.
  • Email notifications, notifications
  • View history graphs of uptime and latency.
  • Logs of connection errors, outgoing emails and text messages.
  • Easy cronjob implementation to automatically check your servers.
  • User authentication with 2 levels (administrator and regular user).
  • Multi-user support.
  • Scheduled auto-refresh.
  • Responsive and mobile friendly UI design.
  • Very easy to use.