Why your website loading speed is frustratingly slow

Optimize website speed


Website speed is crucial for business growth. It takes only some first seconds for visitors to decide whether they will stay at your website. If loading speed is too slow, they may leave it right away instead of waiting. That is the reason why website speed is one of the key factor for online business performance.

Similar to a disease, there would be many causes and we had better base on the specific circumstances to inspect the root. However, when it comes to popular cases, we can define some certain common occasions. The blog will share with you basic principle and ordinary causes. Just in case your website situation is not among the following points, feel free to contact our technical expert gur for further support.


1. Website Server

Server is the factor which can make a great effect on your website performance. Wrong web hosting plan choice, poor server performance, far server location, etc. can result in slow loading speed. There exists many category of website hosting for different demand, so you need to be aware of your demand as much specific as possible. A right type of web host will lay a strong foundation for website performance. Shared host, virtual private server and dedicated server are the most popular one. Check the guideline to make decision: The high cost for wrong hosting plan.


It is not only about server type but also server location. If your chosen web host provider places their server too far away from your country, website speed can be affected.

2. Image Size

In principle, server will carry each bit of your website to the server after getting the server ping command. In return, server bring you back website content, such as images, text, multimedia, etc. The larger and heavier they are, the longer it will take. Therefore, image optimization is a crucial action you should execute to make website speed better. The image quality still remains unchanged but lower size, which helps reduce loading time and avoid bandwidth overage. A small tip is that JPEG size is smaller than PNG or GIF.


3. Caching Technique

Caching technique could efficiently improve your website speed because it is born to perform this mission. By making use of caching tactic, frequently used data will be stored in cached memory, which accelerate retrieval process.


4. JavaScript

Optimize website speed

Even though Javascript or jQuery plugins is really convenient for websites with dynamic content, it may takes reversal effect on inappropriate implementation. JavaScript and jQuery may take a great amount of time to load or interpret if you use multiple API calls to render, which result in loading detainment.  


5. Out-of-date CMS

All open CMS, such as Joomla or WordPress requires frequent updates because  new version can bring in many new features and bug fixing. An updated version doesn’t merely mean insufficient new features but also incompatibility. The volunteer team has also worked to constantly optimize the overall performance. Therefore, let’s make use of it to speed up your website.


As I have shared with you, there would be a wide range of factors leading to your frustratingly slow website situation. The above sharing tips can help you solve basic problems and considerably optimize performance. However, if you website encounters with a serious issue with too long loading speed, a specific inspection must be implemented to address the roots. Feel free to contact VPSTrust team for futher support.