A guide for beginner about website hosting: Top 5 things you should consider

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Hosting is considered as a backbone of a website. Even though your house is small or big, you still need a strong base. Cleaning mess or fixing problems is never a good experience. Movi to a new house when your current one cannot satisfy your requirement anymore would also result in headache issues. Troubles related to privacy, downtime or speed can cost you a great deal of money, time and effort. “It is the first step that costs“. Therefore, you should make a second thought on the website hosting decision.


Unfortunately, in the era of advertising, people are bombarded with many ads per day. Information overload leads to choice paralysis then wrong decision. To combat with the situation and pick out right website hosting for stable development, you should equip yourself with fundamental understanding about website hosting. With those guides, you can judge the authenticity of information by yourself and will not be directed by advertising tricks.


The following sharings of VPSTrust are top three essential points that you should be aware and keep in mind to make right decision at ease.


Careful consideration about bandwidth and disk space

fast web host

Bandwidth and disk space terms always go align with different hosting type and specific plan. As usual, shared web host has the smallest space because you need to share the rented server with many other people. Virtual private server and Dedicated server have the greater one. No matter how important it is, some people still overlook the importance and miss this information, especially the one who choose shared host. For those who choose shared host, their website traffic may not too large but when visitors take download action, a huge data will be transferred then affect your website speed and uptime as well.


Therefore, do not choose a plan which is closely fit with your estimated website sessions but choose the bigger plan.


Added service and customer support

For technical products and services, do not overlook the importance of support quality. You may not know what will happen not only with the server but also with hacking incidents. A team of technical expert with 24/7 support may have you feel assured even though no problem happening. Besides, if you want to save time and effort for other business issue, the provider may give you added service about technical problems, maintenance and security issues. Read the review about support quality carefully to have a clue to judge their expertise. Take a short contract to test before enter a longer one.


Reputation, customer and 3rd-party review

This is a good source for your reference and risk reduction. Learn from other people, take it down to experience then make a smarter decision. Almost websites just show the good feedback on their site, however, it doesn’t mean that those source is useless. Real human face is a small sign to know whether it is real or not. The more reviews they have, the highly likely it is a trusted brand.

Beside the reviews on website, you should search for their brand name and read related review article. In hosting industry, there are many service review website, which may provide you with useful information about some brands from an objective point of view. For those brands who use social media, comments and interaction here can also give you a hand.


Good price

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Price range in website hosting is really wide. It is different on website hosting types and specific features of different plans. The market is really competitive, thus so many ones choose price competition strategy, which means that they try to provide good quality but with more affordable price to get more customers. Using 3 stated advice above you can judge their quality. Low price in hosting service doesn’t always mean low quality. Keep an eye on pricing table and you may find a good deal.


Coupon, deal and referral program

It is one of the most common marketing tactic in hosting industry. The nature of fierce competition always results in competition on price and promotional programs. Before making a purchase, you can find somewhere in the Internet to see if they provide any coupon codes.

Apart from voucher, some providers have referral program, which allow you to earn money if you can manage to refer a new customer for them. If finance is one of your main concern, the program may alleviate your bother.