Top tips before purchasing website hosting

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Why shouldn’t you make snap decision on website hosting? Why should you take careful consideration and comparison before getting the final company instead of choosing a cheapest one or rushing into the offer with highest discount.

If you know that website hosting can be known as your house, you will not consider it as a temporary decision. It certainly costs much effort, time and even money for server with poor quality in terms of speed, privacy or fundamental features. Even when you decide to move to a new house, the job is also stressful and requires technical knowledge. Your business is delayed, especially if it is the main source of money incoming flow, the consequence becomes much more disastrous.

Besides some basic parameters such as bandwidth, disk space, etc. do not overlook many others while selecting the best suitable one for you.

The article provides you with principals to make a right decision on website hosting provider and specific hosting package as well. For more detailed guideline on different website hosting plan such as Joomla! Web Hosting, WordPress Web Hosting, Virtual Private Server or Dedicated Server, please visit our Knowledge Portal for particular advices.


1. Know your demand & specify your requirement

First and foremost, you need to know what you are finding to get what you are finding. The more exact answer you have, the faster you can drop down into shortlist of candidates.

What kind of website are you running? Blog, ecommerce, etc.

What is estimated traffic volume?

Which CMS must it be compatible to?

Is is essential to be compatible with special software or any versions of softwares?


Dig deeper and deeper into your demand to have an overall picture about your decision criteria.


2. Choose type of website hosting

There are several types of web hosting. Basing on your demand of website traffic and privacy, you can make a choice among those popular ones:

Shared Host

Virtual Private Server

Dedicated Server

Cloud Server

To know more about the difference between them, please read more at our previous sharing: The high costs of wrong hosting plan choice.


3. Pick out a short list of candidate

Basing on your selected plan, find out some reliable brand names. But please be noted that not all famous and big brand name are good ones. Or even though they are good ones, they may not be suitable for you.

Basically, you should consider Uptime score, privacy features, disk space, the number of email and FTP accounts, domains, etc. However, do not make judgement on those parameters independently. You had better make a comparison between providers but in both terms of price and features.

cheap web host

After getting a short list of providers, next step is further consideration about added value. Those ones who can provide you with attractive added value, let them go into the next round. The added value can be related to Renewal policy, SSL Certificates for higher security or free installation or migration service. Check VPSTrust website hosting plans to know more about added value which we provide to customers.


4. Support Quality & Added Service

Do not overestimate the essentials of added service. It may not happen in the first stage when you purchase website hosting but will arise after a period of using. So in the first time of choosing a house for rent, choose someone who are able to offer you high quality extra service at a good price. The service can be judged basing on their technical support team, service reviews and feedback, etc.


Above are important and crucial factors which you should keep in mind and follow when find a website hosting. Feel free to contact us for further and more detailed advice if you find necessary.