Email hosting and most recommended 3 email hosting providers


You may hear of the terms website hosting and email hosting elsewhere in the Internet and wonder about the difference between those two concepts. Website hosting seems to be more popular because all website needs an online server to be accessible online. However, not all website need email hosting. You can use free email service such as Gmail instead of a private hosting for your email. There are some hosting providers, which can offer you both website and email hosting in the same package for your convenience.

In order to make better hosting choice, you should have basic understanding about those types of hosting: website hosting, email hosting and domain hosting.  


  • Website hosting is a physical server location where stores your website information, images, video and makes it accessible online.
  • Email hosting is a space where your emails are stored. Now your email will have the identity of your website domain. For example. If the website has email host, you can set up an email with your domain, such as [email protected]. Or else you have to use the free service of Gmail or another similar companies, then your email will be [email protected]. For business website, it is essential to have your own email host to manage and customize with ease. Furthermore, it also helps you build credibility for your business.


Similar to website hosting, there also exists some certain types of email hosting, which is suitable for small business and larger scale ones. Hereafter are some trustable choices for your consideration. They have different package for different demand.


1. Microsoft 365 Business

This is one of the most popular email service up to now. With the focus on email and office softwares, they develop many applications serving office jobs, like OneDrive for file storage, Calendar, Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint documents within your browser.

One plus point of Microsoft 365 over other email hosting services is user-friendly. Because it is considered as an office software, everything is designed for easy management, without requirement about IT expertise.

The Business Essentials plan is $5.30 a month.

2. VPSTrust

Not just focusing on email, but VPSTrust provide the whole website solution, which provide more powerful features for email than Microsoft 365. It can serve the most demanding users with dedicated support team. You can enjoy website hosting, hosting management, email hosting together with other website function with VPSTrust offers. For all packages, we provide email hosting together with Website hosting. No matter what you use, General Web host, Joomla hosting or WordPress hosting, they all support email account. The number of email account will change according to the package you choose.

Just with $1.00 for Personal Plan, you have already got unlimited email account with your own domain.


3. Rackspace Email

Rackspace has a partnership with Microsoft 365 to provide the email hosting service, therefore, it includes all email, calendar or online office softwares as the offers of Microsoft 365. Rackspace package offers unlimited storage space via archiving with $6.60 per month. If you want a smaller package, they also have a monthly package of $2.

They well focus on human quality to manage each of their email solution. Support team of Rackspace has won a Fanatical Support prize for their support productivity.