Create your own website in some minutes with Website Builder


There exists many ways to build a website. Basing on 03 main criteria, a business owner or website developers will choose the most suitable method. The factors are cost, time and website requirement. The comprehensive understanding about your capability together with website building methods will end up with the most sensible choice. 03 popular methods to build a website is Website builder, Template and Build it yourself from scratch.

If you want a professional website with complex features and specific designs, you should build it yourself by working with website designers and developers. Crafting the UI, UX and writing code to build the website up to your own requirement. However, the method is costly and takes much time.

In case you want to save cost and do not have too sophisticated requirement for website appearance and function, website template and extensions can give you a hand. The most convenient way is Website Builder. It is easy and fast to have a website, however, it just can give you a simple one.

In this article, we will share with you about Website Builder. Put it in simple way, website builder is the tool that allows you construct website without composing manual code. For each providers, they have their own way and step-by-step guideline to build a website. In general, all are highly intuitive and doable. Before going through top free website builders, please keep in mind their pros and cons:



  • Almost has free plan for your trial or simple website.
  • User-friendly editors help you build a website with ease.
  • Many templates and functions are available for a website performance.



  • Limits on features: In order to have more pages, bandwidth or more features, you must upgrade to premium plan.
  • Provider domain: It means that your domain must contain the brand. You cannot have a personal one when using free version.
  • Limits on developing your website: If you want to carry out customization, it will be so hard. In case you want to have a long-term website, please bear in mind the limitation.


1. WIX

Wix is the most famous website builder so far. It is well-known for user-friendly editor and a wide range of templates for your choice. It operates on the mechanism of drag-n-drop. Just need to choose the elements, such as image, contact box, text box, button, etc. and drop it to the chosen layout. It is easy like a piece of cake.

Wix has a wide range of template categories, ranging from business, music, fashion to photography. Each one is customized for the topic in terms of design and features.

Try Wix here:




Similar to Wix, Weebly is another drag-n-drop website builder. Online store, business, portfolio and event are their main themes. One of the most outstanding feature of Weebly is e-commerce feature support. In front end, it allows you to showcase product in stunning way. For backend feature, Weebly has complete platform to manage inventory, track orders and handle taxes. Mobile friendly is another plus point of Weebly.

Try Weebly here:



Almost templates are about professional website, portfolio, or online store. All edition actions can be made easily by click and drag-n-drop. Layout is highly customizable with fonts, colors, alignment and other configuration as well. Square Space focuses on template designs with their talented creative team. You will be attracted by their design at the first sight.

Try Square Space here:


For those who wants to build a professional website serving for your long-term business, do not use free website builder but writing manual code by themselves or using themes/ templates. VPSTrust has a team of Offshore website service with more than 10 years in website building. Drop us a line to learn more about the service.