How to make right web hosting decision


When the market provides you with a great number of choices for a service or product, it comes to an end with a confusing status because it is really difficult for you to choose the most suitable one. Sometimes, that choice paralysis symptom can also result in wrong choice.

For web hosting service, it seems far more puzzling because there are many types of web host, many types of plan and available services. So how does entrepreneurs find the right one for their business? I believe that no blog can give you the exact advise for the best brand name or specific plan you should choose, because all advises are general sharing so that you can know more about a brand review or something similar. The good choice can only be made when you have proper understanding about web hosting and comprehensive understanding about your demand.

Web hosting is the backbone of a website, therefore, you need to give it two thoughts to ensure the matching with your individual demands. Just in case, you feel it is too complex, feel free to contact VPSTrust support team for free & personal consultancy.  


Hereafter are some basic questions you need to figure out to get related input for choice:

  1. What kinds of your website is it?

  2. How much traffic do you expect to acquire at the moment? How can the volume go further?

  3. Does it require any monetary transaction, credit card information, etc.?

  4. Is uptime a survival issue?

  5. Does it need a special software and version of software (ie. PHP)?

  6. Among those criteria: fast hosting speed, strong security and cheap hosting, which one is the most important?

Having answers for above question will help you know more about your demand. Matching it with the basic understanding about web hosting, you will know exactly what you should do.


1. Web hosting types

There are 3 most popular hosting types: Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Server and Dedicated Server. I place it in the ascending order of price and capability. The greater requirement about web loading speed, security and traffic volume, the bigger type you should choose.

For more detailed information, you can have a quick look at our previous sharing: The high cost of wrong hosting plan.


2. Hosting specific plan

For each type of web host, web host providers always divide into some smaller plans for diversified requirement. It is basing on bandwidth, database, RAM, the number of email accounts, etc.

Now basing on the answers for above questions, you can find out your specific monthly plan.


3. Price comparison and Review checking

Do not forget to utilize the availability of information in flat digital environment to check review about your web host provider short list and compare price. It can save you more money than you think. The sum of money which I want to mention here is not only the discrepancy between providers but the amount you can save when choosing trustful provider.


4. Management Service

Last but not least, do you need a management service to save time, effort and cut off HR cost? Almost people just think about which kind and plan of web hosting they should choose without taking the management issue into consideration. Monitoring is even more important than setting up.

  • Make a brief research about monthly management fee.

  • Calculate the HR operation cost if you hire a website administrator.


You need to see the picture in the span of 01 year with some scenario to make the right decision. Because there are some kinds of business or website, which do not need monthly management activity, it can be costly for a permanent HR.