Updated Term of Use for Free Hosting Service

This is an important announcement about supplemental terms & conditions for free hosting users from April 20th 2018:

1. A reminder code is requested to embed on website using FREE Hosting Service.

  • The reminder code is guaranteed to comply with all privacy terms of use.
  • The only purpose of ads code is to help us serve you better by introducing new features which empower your website performance.
  • It provides kindly reminderif your website may need larger disk space or bandwidth.

They serve the roles of our new reminder code. All websites using FREE hosting service must include the code in your site. We reserve the right to suspend the service if you do not conform to the terms & conditions.

NOTE: When you upgrade to Premium Hosting Service, you will not need the reminder code anymore because those tasks will be executed by our Dedicated Support Team.


Please copy and paste this code as the first item into the <HEAD> of the home page that’s running on your free hosting: 

<script type=”text/javascript”  src=”https://www.vpstrust.com/static/adutil.js” async></script>

2. Free hosting service is only maintained for active website.

Free hosting account will be suspended if the registered website is not active after 15 days of subscription.

Supplemental terms & conditions are to ensure the website performance and our service quality. Thank you for your kind cooperation.