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Virtual private server or VPS in short is one of the most common hosting server together with shared hosting and dedicated server. Difference in demand and website requirement leads to different hosting server choice. For those who have no basic understanding about different hosting plan, please read our previous blog post here: High cost of wrong hosting plan choice. Or you can get summary points as following:

Shared Hosting: It is the cheapest plan so features are just suitable for small website. You share a server with some others to save monthly cost and data, storage and other functions need to be shared too.

Dedicated Server: The plan is suitable for website with large amount of traffic and need high security protection, such as e-commerce website. Therefore, price is much higher than shared hosting but you stay in your owned house without sharing with any others. Fast website loading speed and high security are the plan’s supreme features. However, in order to setup and maintain a dedicated server, you may need a website administrator because of its complexity.

Virtual Private Server: The option is somehow in between Shared Host and Dedicated Server. If your requirement is not as large as the provision of dedicated server but do not want to share your server with many others, virtual private server will be your best choice. It is also much more simple than dedicated server. You can learn to deal with it by yourself or ask for management service from your own provider.

After you manage to choose type of hosting and if it results in VPS server, next step should be best deals choice among virtual private server provider. Hereafter are top VPS providers, who can give you high quality hosting server with a good price ever in the market.

1. Inmotion Hosting

Cheap VPS

Inmotion Hosting provides many hosting service types, ranging from shared hosting to dedicated servr and reseller hosting. Their Linux SSD VPS Hosting servers is equipped with cloud-powered infrastructure, free cPanel, CentOS and LAMP stack. In case your website need migration, they also offer the service for free.

Price starts at $29.99


2. VPSTrust

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Even though VPSTrust is a quite new brand in comparison with the others, it receives many good feedback and testimonials from customers. As a sub-brand of Site4com technology corporation, VPSTrust aims to become top brand in virtual private server with the most affordable price. Each company has its own strength and selling point. Dedicated management service with lowest price is their strategic offer to pervade into the market as a follower.

Price starts at $5.24


3. A2 Hosting

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Not similar to the mentioned hosting providers, A2 Hosting uses loading speed as their selling point. They promise to deliver up to 20x time faster speed than usual. Besides, migration service is also given free like VPSTrust and Inmotion hosting. Free SSL, SSH and SSD are other addes value for the service. A2 hosting receives some certificates from official authorities for good quality service.

Price starts at $5.00


Many VPS providers offer management service, in case you have demand about the service, monthly management fee and technical support team expertise should be taken into account as well.


Among those recommended VPS hosting providers, VPSTrust is the one who can bring you web & hosting management service with best price. With the desire to keep long-term relationship with partners, we would like to offer you the high quality management service but the most affordable price ever. No trouble related to techniques and finance as well.