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In the series of previous blog, we have shared with you VPSTrust’s points of view about Free and Premium Website Hosting. Whether you should choose free or paid plan depends on some specific criteria. Do not overestimate or overlook the function of each plan. Careful consideration can help you save much money, especially when it comes to SAAS (service as a software) model. It means it is a fixed cost in your monthly financial plan.

Take free website hosting plan into account when you find your company fit with some or all of those following conditions:

  1. Your website doesn’t have great amount of visitors.

  2. Uptime is not too important issue. (Of course, it doesn’t mean that it can be down frequently. But some second downtime shouldn’t affect your revenue.)

  3. No monetary transaction or important security information is placed on website.


Stay tuned. It is just a first step. If you say “yes” for all or almost all questions above, proceed to judge and find best free website hosting. Following are signs for you to spot them:

  1. Investigate on host reliability, terms & condition for free plan.

  2. Check free plan hosting features to know whether it can satisfy your demand.

  3. Read reviews about this provider.

  4. Study about upgrade option.

  5. Compare their added values with the others.


Basing on the above points, VPSTrust have picked out top free website providers for your convenience at making decision.


1. 000WebHostfree web host

It is powered by Hostinger and free with PHP, MySQL, Cpanel. They also promise on no ads. 000WebHost is currently used by millions free users. They are one of a little free providers who guarantee 99% uptime. One click installer and free website builder are other features that make their free plan attractive.

Storage: 1.5GB

Bandwidth: 100GB

Domain: Unlimited

Email: 5 email accounts

free website hosting

If your demand grows up through the time, 000WebHost has upgrade policy, which allows you to pay for more powerful web host.


Visit 000WebHost.


2. VPSTrust


free website hosting


As a follower in the marketplace, VPSTrust invested in infrastructure and favorable policy to attract customers. Free Website Hosting is also one of key service of VPSTrust. Apart from premium website hosting such as virtual private server, dedicated server or premium Joomla! and WordPress hosting, we also provide small companies with free website hosting service. The plan is good for those who run small businesses and equipped with basic features for website operation.

Webspace: 100 MB SSD

Database: 1 Mysql

Bandwidth: 2 GB Monthly

Email: 1 Email Account, 1 FTP

Added Value: Free SSL Certificate, 24/7 Support


Check VPSTrust Free Website Hosting Service.

3. Award Space

AwardSpace is a hosting company with more than 10 years of experience. Their free web hosting is equipped with a free short domain, PHP, MySQL, App Installer, Email Sending. In case you want to upgrade to a premium hosting with greater bandwidth, database, it is also available and easy.

Storage: 1GB

Domain: Hosting for 1 domain and 3 subdomains is included

Bandwidth: 5GB

Email: 1 email account and spam filter


Visit Award Space website.


Besides, you can also visit some website hosting review sites, such as Hosting Advice, Hosting Fact, etc. On the ground of user review assessment together with technical knowledge, they will give you advice.