How to move WordPress website to a new server

Wordpress backup server move


Sometimes you may need to move from a server to another new one, even though it is really uncomfortable work. The reasons are various ranging from active to inactive root. They can be related to your providers or your business growth.

A wrong decision about website hosting provider can lead you to this dilemma. They may break promise and cannot offer you with high security and fast loading speed hosting. Therefore, you must move your house to another better one.

Another situation is the fact that when your website attracts more and more visitors, your current server with humble capability cannot suitable anymore. Greater disk space is on demand, greater monthly bandwidth is essential. The number of email accounts should increase together with the growth of business. Stated reasons are really common when someone need to move a website to a new web host server. It will be better if you can foresee your expansion so that you can choose a better plan. The hosting plan should be suitable with not only current demand but also potential one. In case you cannot estimate your further development, let’s choose a provider which can help you or allow you to upgrade with ease. With VPSTrust, you can do it without any difficulty. In case you encounter any issues, our technical guru are always available to give you a hand. No stress at all, no time-consuming effort with our service.


For those ones who have to perform this job by yourself, we would like to give you effective guideline as following. In case you need further support for convenience, VPSTrust also provide web management services, which will help you perform all required tasks.


Step 1: Choose your new wordpress hosting server

Learn from your previous decision then choose a better and more suitable WordPress hosting server. WordPress hosting server should be fit with your website requirement about speed, uptime, traffic volume, privacy and other features. VPSTrust provides WordPress hosting server with best price, you also can test and enjoy our free plan.


Step 2: Backup your current WordPress website & export database

Some FTP program such as FileZilla can give you a hand in this manual job. Time required will depend on the number of files that stored in your web. Besides, access to cPanel and open phpMyAdmin to export database. Choose “Quick” export with SQL format then all file will be downloaded to your local computer.

Wordpress backup server move

Step 3: Import your WordPress site to your new host

In the previous step, you have already connected to your new web by using FTP, however, your domain still directs to old website hosting server. Therefore, you will need to enter the IP address of your new host. Upload installer.php and file to the root directory. This is usually /username/public_html/ or /username/public_html/


Step 4: Duplicator migration process

Website migration server


Create a new database in cPanel and test connection. When your database is successfully connected, you will need to verify your new URL. Click “Run deployment” to import your database and “Run update” to update your URLs.


Step 5: New domain update

Switch your DNS nameservers to update domain. Even though you have update your new WordPress file on new website hosting server, your domain still directs traffic to the old one. The step ensures that when visitors type your domain in the browsers, they will be led to your new house. As usual, it will take from 4 to 48 hours to propagate for users then successfully finishes migrating job.


Above are 5 simple steps which help you move your WordPress website to a new server. If you cannot do it by yourself and need any further support, feel free to contact our team.



If you do not have time to learn and execute migration job, let’s drop VPSTrust a line. We have an expert team who is providing professional web service at the best price ever. Save time and money. Focus on your business and let us care your website for you. Find more information about VPSTrust Web Service here.