Should you use free or paid hosting

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There are many hosting providers who offer you both free hosting and paid hosting service. Depend on different providers, the features and capacity which they can offer you is different. In some cases, it is just enough to give it a trial so that you can know a little bit more about their service quality, such as speed, security, working interface and some others. In some other cases, their offers can be suitable for short-term usage or even long-term usage. If you do not have great demand and complex requirement about website hosting service, there would be some companies who can give it totally for free. Without doubt, it is not related to data privacy issues, just because they aim at bigger customers. Therefore, you can utilize your small scale to enjoy premium service for free.

There would be some people giving you advice that stay away from free website hosting for the reason of safety, resource control, free domain guarantee. However, I would like to keep unbiased point of view. In short, the fact that free or paid hosting plan can be used or not depends on two factors: Your demand and The provider you are going to trust. Check information carefully to know if you can trust those free website hosting providers or not.


Hereafter are some factors which will be clearly different from free and paid plan. You should keep in mind to make right decision. Right decision means choosing a plan which is fit with your demand.

1. Uptime

In free plan, they will not guarantee uptime, but it doesn’t mean that you have to suffer from frequent downtime. It can happen some days or another because you share hosting with other users. If there are many traffics driven to their sites, the situation can affect you as well.

Therefore, if your website does not need to be 100% uptime, it is totally possible for you to choose free hosting plan. They can be blog website, non-commercial website, etc. Some softwares and add-ons can be used in companion with to send notification when trouble occurs.

web host fast speed

2. Support

Support is one of the selling point for premium plan. For some companies, they do not have website administrators in house, support is really essential for them when they encounter any problems. That is the reason why premium plan always commit 24/7/365 support. It is also another signal for service quality and enhance assurance feeling of customers. As usual, almost free website hosting provider do not offer support for free plans. However, VPSTrust is one of rare hosting providers in the world pleased to bring free users dedicated support service. No matter what issue you confront with at anytime, our technical experts are always to be there to deal with it.


3. Security

Security is top concerning issue of hosting service. All data in website and customer private information must ensured to be highly protected, especially for ecommerce website, where monetary transaction is carried out and personal database is revealed. For those website, I strongly advise that you should not use free plan. Firstly, it is for privacy and security issue. Secondly, it can be related to other features and website speed.

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For other types of website, read carefully terms of use and features of the free website hosting which you intend to use. If you care about security and do not use free plan just because of the problem, VPSTrust free website hosting plan is here to help you. No matter what plan are you using, namely free website hosting and premium website hosting, we offer you FREE SSL Certificates. It is the backbone of secure Internet for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. The established links help build safe connection when information is exchanged from computers to computers.


Read more about VPSTrust free hosting service here. We are confident to be one of the top providers who can bring you best free hosting service.